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Pin Debit Processing

Pin-Debit Processing

Why use our solution?


Cash Alternatives


  • Domestic pin-debit processing solution. 

  • All transactions are ran through the Debit Networks and not ATM Networks, therefore the consumer will not see  an additional fee from their bank. 

  • Unique TID for more specific and accurate reporting. 

  • All terminals come EMV ready with the ability to accept chip and non-chip cards. 

  • Reduce the amount of cash your drivers are carrying with our Wireless Terminals. 

  • No longer have to round the amount to a whole number. With our solution you can charge the exact amount down to the cents.

How is pin-debit processing different?

What do we offer?

For dispensaries we offer a solution to their cash challenges by providing a service that will allow pin-based debit card processing as a compliant legal option for accepting alternative cash payments.

How is this different than other types of processing?

ATM network debit and Credit Cards are federally regulated. Due to regulation it creates legal issues for the processors and there are restrictions placed on the acceptance of these payment types. We utilize the pin-based debit network. This resolves the problem of federal regulation. When you use a pin-based debit solution it is state regulated. State regulation allows any product that is legal in the state of the transaction to be purchased using the pin-debit networks. For states where a dispensary is still illegal it would not be allowed.

What does this solve?

For businesses dealing with 100% cash this creates unique challenges. Bank accounts are hard to maintain due to federal reporting requirements on cash deposits. Electronic deposits do not require the same federal reporting. Using pin-based debit gives you a secure method to deposit funds directly to your account. You will also be able to decrease the risk from from having large cash reserves on-site.

Merchant Services

Debit Card Processing

Start Accepting Debit Cards Now! Fast approval, EMV compliant, fully disclosed Debit based processing solutions for licensed business owners in the Cannabis Industry. Reduce your companies cash transactions by 75% or more.

In the Cannabis Industry, the most common method of processing payments today utilizes a Cashless ATM, also known as a Point of Banking solution. There are a couple of concerns with utilizing a Cashless ATM solution; 1) They tend to get shut down nearly as fast as they go up, 2) Navigating applicable laws in your region regarding ATM usage can be difficult, leading to potential legal problems in the future. Our true Debit solution has never been shut down, and allows you to fully disclose every aspect of your thriving business.

Direct Deposit ATM's

Buy your own ATM machine Today! Owning an ATM machine will allow you and your company to further reduce cash-on-hand by directly depositing funds into your business bank account.

Our program includes 24/7 technical support, real-time online ATM access, mobile text alerts, and detailed monthly transaction reports. The funds withdrawn from the ATM are deposited back into your business bank account the next banking business day. A professional certified ATM technician will make sure your ATM is properly installed and running as well as show you how it operates.

Partner Services

Payroll and Payments

A complete management solution for your Payroll, Workers Compensation, Benefit Accruals, Garnishment and Tax Management.  Our Payroll services help keep employers in compliance with the constantly changing world of wage and hour laws, as well as tax compliance. Whether your employee would like to have their money direct deposited into their personal bank account or pushed onto a private labeled “Your Company” reloadable debit card, we’ve got you covered. Our market partners offer 100% compliant payroll.


Our market partners are able to offer your Cannabis company all lines of commercial insurance, known as Property and Casualty (P&C). Some of the lines include; workers compensation, business owner policies, commercial property and commercial peril, Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), auto insurance, general liability, inventory, specialty farm and others.

Leverage your existing assets and utilize our National Bank backed premium finance solutions. Since 2003, our partners have financed in excess of $50 billion in P&C premiums, and rank as the 4th largest premium finance lenders in the United States.

Our partners offer Life Insurance to Legal Dispensary Business owners, giving them the ability to protect both existing wealth, and future income. Marijuana users can receive non-smoking rates!

You can receive cutting edge insurance design, including cash value life insurance tailored to deliver cash flow in retirement, and death benefit when it is needed most. Fixed rate 10-year premium finance loans allow business owners to leverage their existing assets, and borrow the premiums necessary to deploy MEC limit premiums and earn market correlated returns, with guarantees of no market loss. Build your own pension. Bank on yourself.

Move your insurance assets out of your estate, and make them inaccessible to creditors by structuring an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, and by utilizing other structures coordinated with our market partners.