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Our Services

UBC Unlimited offers a broad range of merchant account services.  We know that your business is unique so we want to provide the solution that fits with your business.

Credit Card Processing
  Check Guarantee
ACH Processing  
  Recurring Payments
ATM Services  
  Merchant Cash Advances
Online Payment Gateways  

Not only can we provide you with these services but we have a wide range of options within those individual services.  Wether you are looking to find FREE credit card transaction fees or if you are looking at a full point of sale system for your business.  We have a wide range of solutions for your business.

We can provide services for a ever expanding range of merchant it doesn't matter if you are low risk or if you have products that don't fit into a traditional credit card processors guidelines.  We have high risk credit card processing as well as off-shore options.  

Because of our range of merchant service options there is no need to look any further for your next solution.  We are more than happy to assist you with all of your transaction needs.

Credit Card Processing

UBC Unlimited has partnered with multiple companies to offer credit card processing solutions to help your business.  One solution isn't the magic bullet for ever business.  Credit card processing has become as diverse as businesses themselves.  There are solutions that are tailored to meet individual business needs.  
Are you on the go and need a mobile or tablet based solution?   
Do you need a full Point-of-Sale Solution for your Restaurant or Retail Business?
Are you a salon in need of a customer appointment management system?
We have solutions to help resolve many of the issues you face as a small business owner.  Our goal is to help you maximize efficiency through systems that simplify your daily operations.   We also offer competitive rates that will help you hold onto more of your profits.   You can also find out about our 0% for you as a merchant processing options.  We realize this isn't for every business but it fits within some business models.

Free Point-of-Sale Systems

We can customize a Point-of-Sale system for your business.